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Can I park at the salon?

There is on street parking in the surrounding streets which is charged at £1.00 for an hour maximum 3 hour stay. There is a free for 45min area directly across from salon on Rosemount place but only a few spaces available and it's pot luck if you can get one!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all debit and credit cards

Can i buy gift vouchers over the phone?

Yes we can do this over the phone for you and take payment over the phone too. You can also purchase any gift vouchers or products on our website shop.

What is the difference between gelish/shellac or other brands of gel polish?

They are all gel polishes but just different brands, we have chosen the brands we use for quality, performance & colour choices.

How long should my gel polish last?

Gel polish should last around 2 weeks depending on how you care for your nails. Gloves should be worn with detergents and chemicals and care should be taken to not use your nails as tools. On toes it will last much longer as they are not being used like fingers.

What is LVL lashes?

LVL is a groundbreaking new technique designed to give you longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions. LVL stands for length, volume and lift. It is a very relaxing procedure to have done as you close your eyes throughout the whole treatment. You will require a patch test prior to this service.

How do I get a patch test?

You can pop into the salon at any time and have this done as it will only take a few minutes. This will need to be done prior to any tinting or eyelash treatments.

How often should I have a facial?

You can have a facial as often as you like but most people tend to come around every 4-6 weeks and we recommend you follow a good skin care regime at home.


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